Procedure for Polishing Marble Countertops, Walls, and Stairs with a Hand Grinder

Procedure for Polishing Marble Countertops, Walls, and Stairs with a Hand Grinder

Equipment and Materials

1. Variable speed hand held grinder.
2. Velcro backed diamond pad holder for grinder.
3. Pump/sprayer to supply water to the grinder.
4. Diamond abrasive pads from course to fine grits.
5. Plastic sheeting and/or EZ Mask tape and duct tape for masking.
6. Sponges, rags, and wet vac for water control.


1. Mask off walls, floors, carpet and other areas that may be damaged by water.
2. Attach the water tube from the pump/sprayer to the water intake valve on the top of the grinder – Optional.
3. Fill the pump/sprayer with fresh, clean, cool water, replace the pump assembly and “pump” in as much air as possible. (Be sure that the water intake valve on the grinder is turned off) – Optional.
4. Attach the diamond pad holder on to the shaft of the grinder.
5. Attach the Velcro backed diamond abrasive pad to the pad holder. Begin with the coarsest grit needed to remove scratches and other defects in the area to be resurfaced.
6. Turn the water valve open to allow a slow, steady stream of water flow through the shaft to the diamond pad and the work area.
7. Place the diamond pad flat on to the work area and turn on the power switch.
8. Grind and work the area until the scratches and defects are removed. Use a steady, even pressure on the diamonds, do not press hard, let the diamonds do the work.
9. After grinding, turn off the water, clean up the area and check to be certain that no spots were missed.
10. Repeat steps 5-9 with the next finer grit until the desired finish is achieved.
11. Polish with Majestic Stone Polishing Compound.
12. Seal with Majestic Water-Based Impregnating Sealer required.


1. Maintain surfaces with Majestic Stone Plus, Majestic Polish Protector or Majestic Marble Polishing Cream.

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