Procedure for Polishing Marble and Terrazzo

Procedure for Polishing Marble and Terrazzo

Step 1: Preparation

Use Majestic Deep Cleaning Stripper Degreaser to remove wax or topical coatings (Crystallizer). Dilute 1:1–1:10 depending on condition of floor. Mop or brush onto surface and let stand 5 to 20 minutes. Agitate with machine or brush and rinse well. Continue to rinse until residue has been removed. Do not let it dry onto stone. Always test the product in an inconspicuous area prior to use for suitability and results. Use Majestic Stone & Grout Intensive Cleaner if no coatings are involved.

Step 2: Polishing NOTE: If marble is noticeably scratched, go to Diamond Grinding Procedure first. If you desire a little more of a polish prior to impregnating – Use Majestic Stone Polishing Compound.

Ensure the area to be polished is free from all coatings and soiling – see Step 1.
Protect all surrounding surfaces (wood, carpet) with a poly protector.
Select an area of approximately 40 sq. ft. for the polishing process.
Lightly wet the floor with clean water and place a ¼ cup of compound in the center of area to be worked.
Use a natural pad (hogs hair) and work the area with a 175/300 ppm floor machine (the heavier the machine the better the results) –weighted floor machine or weighted pad driver.
The consistency of the slurry should be fluid enough to achieve even coverage. If the slurry becomes too dry, add water as needed.
After making several side to side passes (Usually 6-8 times at a very slow movement) squeegee back slurry to determine that a consistent level of polish is achieved.
Then wet dry vacuum slurry, rinse with plenty of clean water and wet / dry again.
When dry, high speed buff with 20″ white floor pad. If you have an area that has granite and marble mixed together, the Majestic Stone Polishing Compound will not hurt, dull or damage the granite.
NOTE:0 If marble is extremely dull, use Majestic 400 Grit Honing Powder first.

Step 3: Impregnating
Area to be impregnated needs to be totally clean of soil and dry (Usually for 6 – 8 Hours). Adjacent areas that may be sensitive to solvents should be protected with poly protector. Apply Majestic Water-Based Impregnating Sealer or Majestic Solvent-Based Impregnating Sealer using a pump up sprayer, roller or brush. Allow 10 minutes for penetration and apply a second application (Wet on wet). 10–20 minutes after second application or before surface drying, remove all excess material from surface. Always apply light even coats and ventilate area. Area can be walked on usually an hour after application. Always test in an inconspicuous area. NOTE: A good quality penetrating impregnator should last 2-3 years before re-impregnating again.

Step 4: Maintenance Cleaning the stone (marble or granite) should be very easy. Use a clean mop bucket and wringer and mop with a plastic mop handle. Dilute 1-1.5 ounce to 1 gallon of Majestic Stone Soap with water. Mop as needed. To avoid re-applying dirt, empty mop bucket consistently. Completely cover all of the surface area, but do not re-mop. Floor should be buffed with white pad when dry. If you are going to use the auto scrubber, just dilute 1 ounce to gallon. NOTE: On extremely slippery floors, alternate with Majestic Anti-Slip.

Step 5: Quarterly Scrub with Majestic Stone and Grout Intensive Cleaner
Majestic Stone Polishing Compound can be used to polish worn stone, even after impregnating. It will not hurt the impregnator. Polishing Compound is used when the desired polish is not to your satisfaction. Use in worn areas due to foot traffic, but always overlap to blend in.

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