Procedure for Diamond Grinding Marble/Granite

Procedure for Diamond Grinding Marble/Granite

NOTE: There are specific diamonds for marble and designated diamonds for granite.

Step 1: Check for lippage and overall condition of floor

Step 2: Stage Equipment
• Mop, mop bucket and wringer
• Wet dry vacuum
• 17” or 20” weighted floor machine and/or weighted pad driver (Optimum total wt 140#)

Step 3: Provide Materials
• 4-5 stages of diamond discs (5 each grit)
• 17” or 20” natural hair floor pad
• 2-4 lbs Majestic Stone Polishing Compound
• 1 case Majestic Stone Soap

Step 4 (A): Serious lippage (quarter test) requires lippage discs along with stage grinding.
Step 4 (B): Minimum to no lippage proceed as follows:
• Wet floor.
• Start with #1 60 grit or #2 120 grit diamonds 4-5 per pad driver.
• Work in 4 x 4 sections – 8-10 SLOW passes.
• Figure on approximately 50 sq. ft. per hour per grit.
• Repeat with progressive diamond discs.
#3 – 220 grit – Pick up slurry with wet dry vacuum.
#4 – 400 grit – Pick up slurry with wet dry vacuum.
#5 – 800 grit – Pick up slurry with wet dry vacuum.

Step 5: Rinse and check for smoothness and polish.

Step 6: For marble only – If condition has improved, go to Majestic
Stone Polishing Compound with natural pad procedure. Work slurry
slowly and recover with wet dry vacuum.  Rinse with Majestic Stone Soap and polish with white pad.

Step 7: If floor is still dull prior to doing Step 6, go up to #6 diamonds (1800 grit) then do Step 6.
Clean equipment and mop daily with Majestic Stone Soap.
If you maintain a regular systematic cleaning and occasional polish
program, you can all but eliminate diamond grinding in the future. At worst,
maybe some #6 or #7 fine grit touch up once a year and/or diamond pads.

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