Metal Grinding Tools

Metal grinding tools for aggressive grinding.

Metal Grinding Tools


Flexible Electroplate PadPower Grind Flexible Electroplate Pads Item # ELF

An aggressive flexible grinding and polishing pad with exposed diamond abrasives. For use with heavy stock removal or quick honing of all stone surfaces. Rigid electroplated pads available in 3″ and 4″. For wet or dry use.

Marble Lippage Removal ToolMarble Lippage Removal Tools Item # LT


For the aggressive removal of lippage on marble tiles. For wet or dry use.


Toolip Lippage ToolsToolip Lippage & Concrete Grinding Pads Item # TOOLIP

Beveled to ride over lippage when being used on tile floors. Enables smooth grinding and results in very little scratching of the surface. Adapts directly to plates and comes Velcro backed for easy mounting and dismounting. For wet or dry use.

Granite Lippage Removal ToolsGranite Lippage Removal Tools Item # GLT

Description:For the aggressive removal of lippage or honing of all granite floors. For wet or dry use.


Magnum Concrete Grinding PadsMagnum Concrete Grinding Pads Item # MAG

A super long lasting sintered metal bond for polishing concrete and terrazzo floors. Considering the coverage and final polish, our Magnum Pads are by far the best value in the industry. For wet or dry use.

trapezoid grinding plateTrapezoid Grinding Plates Item # 2Bar


3-hole grinding plate with 2 segments. Available in soft bond, medium bond and hard bond. For wet or dry use.

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