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Majestic Densifiers – At M3 we have developed the latest in performance concrete products like our Lithium Silicate Densifier which reacts with the calcium hydroxide to absorb free lime CaO better than both sodium and potassium densifiers. This means you will have harder and denser concrete that will polish and resist scratching much better. Of course, we also offer the original Sodium Silicate for those who prefer this product. Majestic Concrete Guard is a premium quality commercial sealer for smooth and polished concrete as well as terrazzo. Majestic Concrete Guard offers protection while adding a nice gloss and facilitating easier maintenance. The 26.3% solids content and superior film forming and clarity properties allow Majestic Concrete Guard to perform better and last longer than most competitive guard products on the market. We think you will agree. Our low price gives Majestic Concrete Guard the edge against all other brands. Dilute, apply, and burnish with a hogs hair pad. That’s it. No special purple pads are necessary.

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