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Majestic Professional Grade Cleaners are formulated specifically for stone and other hard surfaces. These premium-quality commercial products are tested and approved by building service contractors from around the world. These contractors know and trust the Majestic product line to work effectively and safely on their stone and grout, terrazzo, ceramic tile, and concrete surfaces. The experienced people at M3 Technologies can help find a solution to existing issues and then custom design a maintenance program for any hard surface. Commercial buildings, institutions, school systems, hospitals, and transportation facilities have all come to rely on and trust M3 Technologies for help with their hard surface solutions.

Majestic Kitchen & Bath Products are designed for countertops and appliances, showers, and restrooms. These specialty products are even safe for polished stone. Majestic Kitchen & Bath products are premium quality products that work. Building Service Contractors and homeowners alike will appreciate their ease of use and superior results.

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  1. This was the best product and experience one could have especially since I didn’t think it would work. Unbenounced to me I had POLISHED MARBLE in my bathroom not porcelain as I thought. I’ve been cleaning it wrong and after 4 years I thought I would try VINEGAR AND WATER to make it shinier. I sadly etched the marble in many spots. I was ready to cry and pay anything to get rid of the etchings. Well I called and spoke to Bob, the Sales VP and he told me to try the etching removal powder specifically made for POLISHED MARBLE so I did so. I wore rubber gloves and as Bob instructed me used a wet white rag. I used an old white wash rag and after two rubbings I was able to remove the etchings and it looked much shinier!!!!! It looked great! There are still the scratches on my floor but you don’t notice them really unless you examine the floor BUT THIS ETCH REMOVAL POWDER LIQUID MIXTURE DID WONDERS. I called Bob to tell him of my success and now I am going to buy the cleaner and the sealer. This is an honest and good company with outstanding products! And an outstanding SALES VP. Thank you M3technic!!!!!!

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