Ceramic Transition Diamond Pads

Ceramic Transitional Diamonds

Cemamic Transition Diamonds   

Item # CT3

Available Sizes: 3″

Grits: 50, 100, 200, 400

Reduce steps and time with our new Majestic Transition diamonds. Transition from metal bond diamond grinding to resin polishing faster and better than just switching to resins on most any concrete or terrazzo surface. Improve production dramatically and reduce the scratches left behind from any metal bond diamonds. Remove your 40g or 70g metal profile faster than ever before with our 50g Transition Diamonds. Use the 100g and either go to the 200g or straight to the 400g before switching to your favorite resins for polishing. These diamonds have excellent life and cost less than competitive products

Use On:

Product Features:

  • Significantly faster productivity reduces labor costs
  • High diamond concentration
  • Extra long pad life
  • Especially effective on harder concrete surfaces

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