Akemi Colour Intensifier

Akami Color Intensifier

Akemi Colour Intensifier

AKEMI® Colour Intensifier

Item # Akemi-Colour-Int

AKEMI® Colour Intensifier is a ready-to-use, solvent-based, special impregnator containing reactive modified silicates that intensify the natural colors of honed and textured stones. The product penetrates into the pore system of the stone. A polysiloxan results from the catalytic reaction. In addition, a reaction with the siliceous substance of the stone takes place.

Use On:
For the treatment of rough, porous, sawed, ground, absorbent natural and cast stones (e.g. marble, slate, limestone, granite, gneiss and concrete ashlar). There is a good durability of color enhancement on lime based stones and a very good durability of color enhancement on silicate based stones.

Product Features:

  • Intensifies the natural color and structure of the stone
    without lustre
  • Water and dirt resistant effect
  • Does not form a layer on the surface of the stone
  • Excellent weather resistance and durability
  • Non-yellowing
  • No odor during application
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • After being hardened the product is harmless to health
    upon contact with food products

Detailed Product Information – (Downloadable Adobe PDF Files)

Majestic ProductsProduct Information and Application Instructions
MSDSSafety Data Sheet (SDS)

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