Procedure for Majestic Cleaners and Strippers

Majestic Neutral Cleaner – Floors
1. Dust, mop, sweep, or vacuum the floor to remove any loose dirt that may be present.
2. For normal cleaning mix 1 part Majestic Neutral Cleaner to 16 parts water. (Approximately 1 cup per gallon of water) For heavy soiled floors mix 1 part cleaner to 6 parts water.
Note: To avoid foaming be sure to put the water in the container first and add the cleaner to the water.
3. Damp mop floor with a clean mop set aside for use only on your stone floor.
4. Allow the floor to dry completely before allowing any foot traffic. If water streaks occur, simply buff them off with a soft cloth or white buffing pad.
5. Every 2 or 3 months, wet the grout lines with the “heavy” mix and scrub them with a bristle brush. Follow with the normal damp mopping procedure.
6. Since Majestic Neutral Cleaner is a pH neutral cleaner you may mop as often as needed. We suggest mopping at least once per week.

Majestic Neutral Cleaner – Upper Surfaces
Mix Majestic Neutral Cleaner with water using the same instructions as floors above.
1. Pour into a spray bottle and spray on to the surface or apply with a sponge or soft cloth and scrub vigorously. Wipe dry with a clean, soft cloth.
To clean marble – If no sealer is present, mix 1 part Majestic Deep Cleaning Stripper Degreaser to 12 parts water.
To remove wax – mix 1 part Majestic Deep Cleaning Stripper Degreaser to 4 parts water.
To remove sealer – mix 1 part Majestic Deep Cleaning Stripper Degreaser to 2 parts water.
For counters, tables, etc. – apply liberally to marble surface with sponge. Allow to stand 3 to 5 minutes, then agitate with brush or sponge. Rinse thoroughly and allow to dry before applying polish. Maintain with Stone Plus RTU spray.

Majestic Stone Soap
1. Dust mop floor.
2. Mix 1 ounce Majestic Stone Soap per 1 gallon water.
3. Damp mop with blended loop or flat mop.
4. Let air dry.
5. Periodically buff with high speed buffer and white pad. The microscopic residue from the Majestic Stone Soap will produce a highly reflective shine.